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Ageas Federal Life Insurance launches ‘Dreams’ campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar

The campaign film inspired parents to recognize their child’s unique dream and encouraged them to nurture these dreams at every stage of their life.

Ageas Federal Life Insurance has launched its latest campaign – ‘Dreams’ featuring its brand ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar. 

The campaign portrays a fresh perspective to the brand philosophy of #FutureFearless.

With the help of VFX and various animated storytelling tools, the campaign film helps to bring the young kid’s dreams to life. It highlights a child’s perspective while also giving out a message to parents.

Speaking about the campaign, Karthik Raman, chief marketing officer, Ageas Federal Life Insurance said, “Our organisational purpose is to empower people to live the life and lifestyle of their choice. As an insurance brand, we want to break the cycle of fear that parents tend to have about their child’s future. We want to empower parents with the tools and information to make the right financial decisions that will benefit their kids. Our latest campaign is a unique approach to take as an insurance company because it tells a heartfelt story of a young hopeful child and his vivid yet evolving dream.”

“As kids grow up, their dreams keep changing. Even our legendary Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar had different dreams while growing up. Sometimes, he even dreamt of becoming a tennis player. The fact that a child’s dream keeps evolving is what makes financial planning even more crucial to navigate tough economic times and unforeseen circumstances,” Raman added.

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