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Ajay Devgn sings in order to make Dabur Babool a verb

The toothpaste brand’s new spot touts doing a ‘Babool’ every morning.

Dabur Babool, in a new campaign, is going a step ahead of its gum protection and teeth strengthening claims. It is attempting to make itself a verb, a la “Google it” or “Paytm me”.

Actor Ajay Devgn, Dabur Babool’s ambassador, dons the role of a physical education teacher. He goes about finishing seemingly simple tasks, like opening a bottle, unfurling a flag or biting into a fruit, made hard for common folks, using his ‘Baboolified’ teeth.

The brand’s Instagram post quotes Devgn as saying, “Subah Babool ki toh din tumhara.” The lyrics of the jingle “interplay through various functional instances to strengthen the imagery of naturally strong teeth.”

This ad comes at an opportune time, because songs seem to be making a comeback in ads. Meta-owned messaging-cum-payments app WhatsApp India’s new campaign features a song.

London-based navigation app what3words has actor Vijay Raaz rapping his address. And, during the two years of the COVID-induced lockdown, Mumbai-based Ayurvedic brand Vicco reworked its iconic jingle too.

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