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Alcon's 'See Brilliantly, Live Brilliantly' campaign highlights Cataract surgery benefits

The campaign, conceptualised by Edelman India and Alcon, captures relatable moments in everyday life of four aging adults whose life experiences are compromised because of cataract.

Alcon has launched a patient education campaign called 'See Brilliantly, Live Brilliantly' to increase awareness of the benefits of cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a procedure in which the cloudy cataract lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens, or IOL.The campaign is designed to inform patients that this procedure can improve their vision and also correct other refractive errors such as presbyopia and astigmatism. The data from the Alcon Eye on Cataract Survey showed that globally, many patients are unaware that they can choose from different types of IOLs to fit their individual needs. In India, more than half of the respondents said they feel older because of wearing glasses, which indicates a lack of understanding among patients.

Alcon's campaign features a brand film that follows the everyday lives of four seniors whose experiences are hindered by cataracts. The film demonstrates how their quality of life improves after surgery with Alcon's advanced cataract solutions.

The Alcon Eye on Cataract global survey showed that globally and in India, vision is the most important aspect as people age, said Amar Vyas, country franchise head & country manager of Alcon India. For adults aged 50+ years, cataract is the most common vision condition. Those awaiting cataract surgery look forward to going about everyday activities such as reading, driving, and using electronic devices with ease. Our campaign highlights that today, cataract surgery and advanced cataract solutions offer patients clarity of vision while reducing the need for glasses and positively impacting their lives.

The campaign, which was conceptualised by Edelman India and Alcon, focuses on the emotions that patients feel when cataracts get in the way of pursuing their passions or cherishing life's precious moments with family. Adhitya Veeraraghavan, Health Sector Head at Edelman India, said, The insight that drove this campaign is that cataract surgery is one of the most performed procedures, but patients do not always understand the various lens options available or how choosing the right lens can affect the quality of vision and life post-surgery.

The campaign film will be uploaded on Alcon India’s new webpage. This portal contains blogs, articles and infographics designed to support patients and their caregivers with helpful information about every point in their journey, from diagnosis of cataract to the choice of IOLs before surgery and post-surgery care. The campaign will be activated across digital, social media, in doctors’ clinics and eye hospitals to ensure nationwide reach. Other elements of the campaign include patient stories and a QR code that makes it easy for patients and caregivers to access this content-rich webpage.

The results of the Alcon Eye on Cataract global survey conducted this year in 10 countries, including India, show that the campaign is effectively capturing the key findings of the survey.

Among those surveyed, the key findings include:·   

  • 86% of people aged 50+ years in India rank vision as the #1 most important aspect as people age·  

  • 90% are willing to invest in cataract surgery to ensure better vision·   

  • Globally, 45% and in India, 50% of cataract patients felt that after surgery, their vision had become like that of someone much younger.

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