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Amazon now lets you search in your own language on the app

The global e-commerce giant has introduced searching options in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

If you're an Indian, it's very likely that you know the name of a particular ingredient in your mother tongue, but can't always remember its English name.

To tackle this gap in the overall shopping experience, Amazon has introduced a feature that lets users search in their own languages on the app. So far, the feature is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. There is a series of ads that illustrate the same, uploaded on the Amazon India YouTube channel.

In the ads, we see a mother asking her children the name of an ingredient. As the children struggle to recall it, the ad tells users that it doesn't have to be the case and that they can search for the content in their own languages now.

According to the ad, it appears as if the app has introduced a new language interface, as we see other elements of the app (other than the search feature) available in regional languages too. This is not surprising as there are scores of users in India who have Internet access, but English isn't their first language.

Amazon now lets you search in your own language on the app

In that sense, Amazon has been celebrating Indian-ness in its ad campaigns for a while now. Its resplendent Republic Day campaign was centred around Karigars and showed the different crafts they made which could be purchased on the Amazon app. Conceptualised by Team Ogilvy India – South, the campaign was directed by Rajesh and Vidya for Lucifer Films.

Amazon also released another ad campaign recently, which focuses on the sellers bouncing back after the COVID-induced lockdowns. The video starts out with scenes of closed doors and locked businesses and it eventually takes a turn when businesses start receiving orders.

The sellers (portrayed as dolls) begin bouncing back, as a metaphor showcasing their spirit. The video showcases these dolls throughout in various shops and storefronts across India. The campaign throws light on the numerous sellers who hold the potential to bounce back.