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Amazon Prime Video to introduce ads for subscribers during content pauses

The new ad formats include shoppable carousel ads, interactive pause ads, and interactive trivia ads.

Around four months ago, Amazon began incorporating ads into its Prime Video streaming platform, and now the retail giant has announced to implement additional intrusive promotional strategies, as mentioned in a report by The Verge. For instance, now it will displaying ads whenever users hit the pause button.

Amazon has revealed plans to launch three fresh ad formats on Prime Video later this year, aimed at attracting subscribers to buy featured items while enjoying their favourite content. It includes shoppable carousel ads, interactive pause ads, and interactive trivia ads. The new formats won't be applicable in India.

Among these, shoppable carousels will make their debut during ad breaks within shows and movies, showcasing a dynamic 'sliding lineup' of products available for purchase on Amazon. This creates an ad nested within another ad, and it 'automatically pauses' if viewers engage with it, providing them with ample time to browse through the offerings.

TV shows, movies, and live sports on Prime Video will feature interactive brand trivia ads, offering rewards such as Amazon shopping credits. Furthermore, pause ads will be integrated, presenting an overlay when the video is paused, enabling viewers to add the promoted product directly to their Amazon carts. Amazon emphasises that these overlays will exclusively appear during pauses, but highlights that pause ads extend the engagement window beyond a conventional ad break.

Prime Video users can opt for an ad-free experience by paying $2.99 monthly atop their current subscription. Amazon hasn't provided a specific timeline for the rollout of these new ad formats. However, the company indicated that these features will be accessible 'in the upcoming broadcast year', typically concluding on August 31.

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