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Ambuja Cement introduces ad film - ‘Mazbooti Ki Misaal’

It aims to inspire its customers to opt for ‘Giant Compressive Strength’ for their construction needs.

Ambuja Cements, the cement and building material company of Adani Group, unveils its latest advertising film, ‘Mazbooti Ki Misaal’. The film narrates a bond between a family and their friendly Giant Elephant on the center stage of strength.

The campaign encapsulates the significance of forging strong bonds. The story shows within a quaint home where the intertwining lives of a family and their devoted Giant elephant spring to life. The child of the family is seen joyfully flying a kite in the courtyard, with the elephant playfully holding the kite's charkhi with its trunk. The elephant playfully splashes water on the boy for bathing and the boy reads out a story with the elephant intently listening to it. The highlight of the film is a scene where a playful mishap by the elephant with a football offers the audience their first glimpse of the Giant Elephant living on the terrace reinforced with ‘Giant Compressive Strength’.

Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, "At the heart of Ambuja Cements lies an unwavering commitment to the strength, both in our products and in the relationships, we foster with our customers. Our ‘Giant Compressive Strength’ is a testament to this commitment. It beautifully combines the tangible strength of our cement with intangible strength of familial bonds, resonating with our core values and touching the hearts of our audience." 

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