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Amid a wave of sanitiser and disinfectant ads, here's a soap ad from Savlon Hexa

With its Hexa pro power, the brand claims that the soap can offer protection from 99.99 per cent germs.

We're out of COVID-induced lockdowns and in 'unlock' phase. We can step out, but the pandemic still hovers around us. This means that whenever we return home from outside, we might be carrying germs with us. Therefore, we must do everything we can to clean ourselves (off germs).

Clean high-frequency touchpoints with surface disinfectants? Check. Apply sanitiser to our hands? Check. But, is that it? No, what you must do is deep clean yourself so that your entire body is clean from germs.

In an Ogilvy made ad for Savlon Hexa soap, we see a doting mother prevent her son, who's returned from work, to come near his pregnant wife (her daughter-in-law) because he may have brought germs and viruses from outside. Instead, he's ordered to go have a bath with Savlon Hexa Advanced soap. The ad says the soap provides 99.99 per cent protection against germs.

What's interesting to note is that for an ad around hygiene and protection, it has been a while since a brand has advertised a soap, and not hand sanitisers, or disinfectants.

It was back in August when ITC Savlon had extended its Savlon brand to introduce Savlon Hexa soap and bodywash.

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