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And now we've got a Smart Mask too

Made by Makebot, an Edutech company, it claims to protect, monitor your health, and provide real-time data and alerts.

The smart category which until recently included humans and new-age devices has expanded to include masks as well. Makebot, an Edutech company based out Navi Mumbai has advertised for India's first 'smart mask'.

And now we've got a Smart Mask too

As per Makebot, the smart mask is equipped with an intelligent platform that captures health parameters such as temperature, SPO2 and Arogya Setu status through endpoint devices.

Some of the other features of the 'smart mask' include:

  • Dual respirator to remove stale air and for comfortable breathing

  • Made of 100% cotton and reusable for up to 30 hand washes (T&C apply for this)

  • Triple protective layer

  • Wearable for 6-8 hours

  • Integrated attendance management, tracking, and alerts.

And now we've got a Smart Mask too

The brand will also provide you smart links to free webinar sessions, coding classes, discounts on robotics kits and National STEAM Olympiads, and invites to various STEAM competitions.

However, what we are eager to understand is the 'intelligent system', how user data is collected, where it will be stored, and how 'safe' the collected data is. We'll update the story once we get through to Makebot.