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Apis India launches #ShuddhAurSaccha Campaign

The film acts as a reassuring message that Apis Himalaya Honey is pure, true and the right fit for everyone.

Apis India has launched #ShuddhAurSaccha, a campaign to appeal its audience via promoting their Honey. Through this, the brand wishes to send a healthy message to their audience and especially to parents for their children. The campaign's film portrays a mother and her son at a supermarket browsing where the son is shown to have picked up something, which he hides from his mother's questioning eyes and the film then builds on that premise. The film acts as a reassuring message that Apis Himalaya Honey is pure, true and the right fit for everyone as it helps boost immunity, relaxes the body, aids in detoxification, is good for skin, helps in weight management and even improves the digestion. The brand is promoting the product as the one pleasant and healthy item that everyone must have in their diet to maintain a strong immune system and avoid coughing and colds now that winter has arrived.

The campaign is being launched across various platforms including TVC, Digital Promotion, Radio Campaign, Outdoor marketing and much more. To amplify the campaign’s reach, the brand will be promoting a jingle to be run across various radio channels and to promote a positive impact throughout its tone, the jingle has been created with an upbeat tune, with voices that complement the slogan- Shuddh Aur Saccha, Sehat Ke Liye Accha. In order to reinforce the association of Apis Himalaya Honey with health benefits and to position the product as the foremost choice, the brand has invested in the right storytelling to capture the attention of consumers. Through this jingle the brand wishes to reinforce the idea that Apis Honey will make breakfasts healthier & yummier, because after all, the product is pure, true and good for everyone’s health.

Apis India will also launch this campaign across the digital mediums through social media marketing campaign and will also be collaborating with numerous influencers ranging from master chefs to lifestyle influencers, fitness and food bloggers in order to further position Apis Himalaya Honey for its health benefits during this season.

Other than that, the brand has also introduced its new mascot for Apis Honey a friendly honey bee which can be easily associated with positivity in connection to the goodness that the product brings. The mascot was also ideated to reflect on the brand’s identity in providing pure honey to the consumers.

Commenting on the campaign, Amit Anand, MD of Apis India, said, "Consumers have become more aware of their health requirements in the last two years and have been actively going for healthy alternatives. With the coming of winter season, the time of the year when immunity tends to weaken, we are hoping to make parents more aware by promoting this campaign. Apis India has made a reputation for itself in the FMCG sector, thanks to its incredible value proposition, a solid leadership group, and incredibly competent staff. “

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