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"Apni Jadoon se rishta banao", says Dabur Amla in a new ad campaign

The hair oil brand narrates the bond a mother and daughter share and how we can strengthen it with loved ones during the lockdown.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil's new ad campaign focuses on the mother-daughter bond, especially during the lockdown. The minute and twenty second long ad narrates the mind of a daughter who might not have spent enough time with her mother before the lockdown. But now, she's making the most of it.

From spending quality time with her mother without having to glance at the clock now to listening to her croon a few melodies to even hearing her scold you; it's all about those sweet moments mothers and daughters share.

There's a scene in the ad where we see the mother applying oil and massaging her daughter's hair – champi; one of the most identifiable signs of love in a relationship. And that's when the voiceover talks about how our distance with the outside world has increased, it's now time to decrease the distance we'd developed with our loved ones.

The line, "Apni jadoon se rishta banao" fits perfectly here.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, Ritu Sharda, the agency's Chief Creative Officer, India-North says, "Lockdown has distanced the world, and people are worried. But we chose to look at it in a slightly different manner. One which is as real as this pandemic, but positive. It didn't take us long to realise that it has finally given us something we have always longed for - a chance to spend time with our loved ones. So while the world figures out a way to get back together, we urge people to make their bond even more beautiful, by coming closer as a family and strengthening the roots. And a champi, coupled with lengthy conversations, is definitely one way to get there.”

Rajeev John, Senior GM Marketing, Dabur India Ltd: “An age-old brand, Dabur Amla is rooted in strength. It’s a household name spanning across generations. We wanted to ensure a strong emotional connect with the consumer during these tough times. Champi-an act of love, seemed the perfect fit to reassure our consumers that Dabur Amla is as much a part of their everyday lives, even during the lockdown. Instead of being more of a product story, we felt it was key to respect the current sentiment & create a simple yet endearing film.”

Also, Dabur Amla Hair Oil had released an ad in April that has a flipbook that shows us all the brave women who're at the frontline of COVID – 19.

Speaking about the tribute, Rajeev John, Sr. GM, Dabur India Ltd says, “An age-old brand, Dabur Amla's core lies in strength. It’s a household name trusted by women across generations. A mother, wife, friend - we all know the real-life women warriors, who have been fighting the crisis. We wanted to salute their strength & unfaltering dedication. The little we could do was to make them the real celebrities of our film.”