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Apple continues to try and sell the iPhone's durability

The latest ad endorses the product's 'ceramic shield', which is supposedly tougher than any phone display in the market.

Apple continues to try and convince you that iPhone 12 is one of the toughest phones out there. In the latest ad titled ‘Fumble’, we see a woman struggling to maintain grip on her iPhone.

She swerves left and right, trying to prevent her phone from falling, but when it finally does fall, it emerges unscathed. The ad claims that it’s because the latest iPhone has a 'ceramic shield', which makes it way tougher than other iPhones out there.

The ad is set to Indian classical tabla music and has our breath catching in our throats at the way the woman handles an expensive iPhone. Just when we think that the woman is about to catch the phone, she lets the gadget slip through her fingertips yet again.

This is the second ad in recent times that tries to prove a point about the phone's durability. Another ad, titled 'Chef', shows a man carelessly throwing a recipe together, while his iPhone bears the brunt of the process.

During the course of the ad, we see the phone getting coated with flour, liquids and at one point, it falls face first into a sink full of dirty dishes. Apple claims that iPhone 12 comes with new glass on the front and back that results in four times better drop performance.

Apple calls it the toughest glass on any smartphone out there. ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ models are certified with an IP68 rating, which allows them to withstand submersion in up to six metres of water for up to 30 minutes.