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Apple illustrates its 'Unsend Message' feature on the iPhone 14 with a dead lizard’s journey back to life

Another ad showcases the smartphone’s ability to shoot smooth video despite shaky recording.

Mistaken for dead is not a light-hearted thought. Trust Apple to take it and turn it into advertising and comedy gold.

In the first of two ads under the Relax, it’s iPhone campaign, a man devastated over the demise of a lizard under his care is seen typing "I messed up...Leon is dead."

What he did not expect is the text message’s tone to wake up Leon. The man now scrambles to call back the send the text message using the iPhone 14’s Undo send feature.

The second ad shows viewers the power of Action Mode on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models which lets users capture smooth video despite shaky recording. In this case, it’s a mother running along the race track capturing her son’s progress in the race.

Apple, around five months ago, released a couple of ads under the same campaign for the iPhone 13 model showcasing its ability to resist the damage of water as well as a ceramic shield that protects the smartphone when it falls down to the ground.

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