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Apple introduces new products at event, followed by illogical ads

Don't miss the 'Willy Wonka' style ad for Apple's new 'viral' lilac iPhone 12.

At its virtual event on April 20, tech giant Apple announced a slew of new products, like the iPad Pro, a new colourful iMac desktop PC and, of course, the Internet famous purple iPhone.

Shortly after the event ended, Apple took to its YouTube page to upload introductory ads for all the products. There were three different ads dedicated to the new iPad Pro.

The first ad mimics a rocket launch, but instead of a spaceship flying into space, we see a woman gearing up to work.

The ad goes on to list iPad’s qualities, emphasising on how it’s supercharged by the M1 chip. It is also powered by 5G technology and supports the Apple Pencil. The ad feels like an adrenaline rush in itself, paired with intense, pulse-quickening music and sharp transitional shots between the product and the user.

The second ad features a young man with glasses carrying out a heist to steal Apple iMac’s M1 chip for the iPad Pro. Aptly titled ‘Mission Implausible’, the ad is a take on the Tom Cruise movie ‘Mission Impossible’.

The protagonist is seen gliding through the air on cords as he steals the chip and comes back to his house, to install it into his iPad. At the end, we see that the ‘thief’ is none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who smiles diabolically as his iPad Pro starts, powered by the new chip.

Another ad for the iPad Pro features developers from different companies testing it to see how well it fares when it comes to work and execution. The ad has a more conversational style and is meant to be a practical showcase of how web and UI/UX developers can use the iPad Pro.

Apple’s new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were also announced at the event, and the ad is for a new pastel lilac shade that the phone sports. The film is set to the song ‘The Candy Man’ (by Aubrey Woods) from ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and is a whimsical take on iPhone production.

Apple has also introduced a new product called the AirTag to help the users keep track of items like keys, wallets, luggages, backpacks, etc., with the help of the ‘Find My’ app. In the ad, we see a young man about to leave his house when he suddenly realises that he can’t find his keys.

The exaggerated ad sees the man literally diving headfirst into his couch, as one would explore a cave. It’s an amusing sight to see a tall man disappear between the couch’s cushions, a flashlight strapped to his head as he hunts for his elusive keys between heaps of coins and crumbs.

Apple has also uploaded a one-minute-17-second-long video that lists in detail the features of the iMac desktop. This ad also emphasises on the M1 chip and the power it gives to the machines. It talks about how multitasking is a seamless affair and also features Zoom calls – assuring the users that the mic has been improved, so as to cut off background noise and only focus on the voice of the user talking.