Aishwarya Ramesh

Apple puts a musical twist on new product ads

The ads for all the new products introduced at the Apple event this year have a musical twist.

At a recent Apple event, the global tech giant announced a plethora of new products. This includes the likes of a new and more powerful MacBook Pro, AirPods with a new design, and the HomePod mini in a range of colours.

Whenever Apple holds an event and launches new products, it's fairly commonplace for it to also release ads explaining the product features. However, this time, the ads for all the new products had a musical twist.

Apple had announced at the event that the HomePod mini, the company's smart speaker, is now available in three new colours - orange, yellow, and blue. The ad for the product features the HomePod appearing on the screen in different colours in sync to electronic music.

Apple has always had memorable music that stays with the audience long after the ad is over. The difference with the new ads is that the music, instead of being a background track, lends itself to the visual storytelling.

In addition to the ads, Apple has also published a song, which is a mash-up of sorts of the sounds that the different devices make. English producer/singer/songwriter A.G. Cook has created the song from scratch using only the sounds of Apple products from the last 45 years.

Some of the Apple sounds used include (that of) iMac G3 Startup, MacBook Pro Startup, AirPods Case Closing, iOS Alert, HomePod Minimum Volume, iPod Click Wheel, MagSafe Charger, Night Owl Ringtone, HomePod Nope, HomePod PingPong, Mac 2020 Alert, HomePod Device Identify, iPhone Keyboard, AirDrop Invite, Mac Sosumi, Apple Pay, etc.

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