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Apple talks 'affordability' as it launches the iPhone SE

It starts from Rs. 42, 500, aimed at those who aspired for an iPhone but couldn't afford it, Apple says "Lots to love. Less to spend".

The iPhone is a premium brand and for several Indian smartphone users, a luxury or aspirational luxury to put it. The iPhone 11, that released in 2019 retails over Rs. 60,000 and the iPhone 11 Pro starts at Rs 90,000. So, when Apple released the ad for its latest iPhone model – the SE, it caught people's eye.

The tech major speaks about its phone's price for the first time when it says, "Lots to love. Less to spend". The SE will retail at a price starting from Rs 42,500. A high amount for many Indian smartphone users but for Apple and those who aspire to own an iPhone, it's an important number.

The ad plays up the 'must-have' aspiration for the brand while an ASMRish tingling envelops us through the ad, especially when the plastic cover is peeled off the model.

While Apple talks about the price, its features aren't pushed to the background. No, they are as formidable if not more than the price allurement.

The SE has the A13 Bionic chip inside it; the most powerful chip inside a smartphone that was previously found in the iPhone 11 Pro. Adding to it is the iOS 13 with years of updates in the mix and a 4.7-inch Retina HD display in a durable glass and aluminium design. It is all about the iPhone experience but without (read, considerably less) the price we all expect to pay for it.

According to Statista, around 829 million Indian users will own a smartphone in 2022, double the number in 2017 (401.10 million). And with India being a price-sensitive nation, it makes sense for Apple to launch an entry-level smartphone that aspirational Apple consumers may afford either through direct purchase or via affordable EMI options.

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