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Ariel takes a jab at the post-party clean-up which is mostly done by women

While the guy(s) scrolls through photographs of the night.

The gender divide in household chores has gripped ad land in December 2022. Only recently, Hindustan Unilever’s dishwashing brand Vim tried a humorous route to shine focus on the divide but ended up receiving a lot of criticism for it.

P&G’s Ariel, on the other hand, decided to show this divide by taking the example of a post-Diwali party clean-up.

Made by creative agency Kinnect, Anu is cleaning up a messy household and putting the baby to sleep while her husband Aj is busy scrolling through the photographs of the merry, they made a few hours ago and declaring the party a hit.

Only 27% of women feel that their husbands help with household chores during celebrations, says the ad’s description on YouTube.

Aj’s moment of realisation strikes when he, after being prompted by Anu, takes a closer look at the photographs to see his wife doing the work such as serving the food while he grins away in them.

The ad, on expected lines, shows AJ trying to pick up his slack right away by folding all the clothes, serving Anu a cup of coffee, and in what has now become an Ariel trademark, putting the clothes into the washing machine as Anu looks on – Share the load anyone?

Although this new spot is not part of Ariel’s seven-year-old campaign on reducing laundry inequality between men and women it is a close family member.

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