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Ariel partners with chef Sanjeev Kapoor to take the #ArielVs100Stain challenge

The ad film #Arielvs100stains challenge is conceptualised and executed by Leo Burnett.

Ariel has partnered with celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor to take on the #ArielVs100Stain challenge. The washing powder brand brings its consumers the power to remove over 100 stains in 1 wash inside the machine so that you don’t have to worry about tough stains.

Consumers face different kind of tough stains in their daily life. Sometimes one garment can have multiple stains, or each laundry load can contain different types of stains on garments of different family members. Consumers often use hacks to remove these tough stains which not only takes time but also ends in dissatisfactory results.

Ariel’s new Matic Powder and Liquid designed for front and top load washing machines has stain guard technology that removes over 100 tough stains like food stains like turmeric, oil, ghee, chocolate, curry, mud, pickles, tomato ketchup, or sweat, make up etc inside the machine in 1 wash. It also protects colours from fading and gives clothes a pleasant fragrance.

Sharat Verma, chief marketing officer, P&G India and Fabric Care Head for the P&G Indian Subcontinent said, “At Ariel, we always strive to bring superior laundry innovation to our consumers and our goal is to reinvent cleaning to remove the toughest of stains, reveal the brightest of colours in the toughest of conditions. With our #ArielVs100Stains challenge, we are again pushing boundaries by bringing the best of cleaning for over 100 toughest of tough stains to our consumers. Whether our consumers are dealing with multiple stains in one laundry load or different stains on different days – Ariel is the solution. We are confident that our consumers everywhere will be delighted with the results from the new Ariel Matic Powder and Ariel Matic Liquids.”

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, “I have been associated with Ariel for many years and they are always striving to bring the best of the best solutions for our laundry needs. With the #ArielVs100Stains, they are becoming the super solution to more than 100 tough stains.” 

He further added, “While working in the kitchen, our whites are stained with multiple ingredients, and we can’t always remove tough stains from our clothes. I was very curious, but I saw for myself that the new Ariel Matic Liquid 100-stain promise does hold true.”

The film for the brand’s #Arielvs100stains challenge is conceptualised and executed by Leo Burnett and features Chef Kapoor who is seen travelling across the country collecting tough stains and challenging them with Ariel. He collects fabrics with stubborn and seemingly impossible stains on them which are then washed and cleaned to perfection without damaging the apparel with the new Ariel Matic Liquid.

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