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Ariel’s COVID era iteration of ‘Share the Load’

As part of its #ChangeTheCycle campaign, Ariel presents the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary feats.

Detergent brand Ariel has released a video that captures the stories of heroes, who are leading by example and doing more than their fair share during the COVID pandemic in India.

The campaign, called #ChangeTheCycle, brings together stories of people like Desraj Singh, Daulat Bi Khan, Sharib Hassan, Ananya Wig, Sabrina and others. They all went beyond their call of duty to help and extend support to those in need during the second COVID wave.

Singh is an auto driver who, despite being 74 years old, continues to help COVID patients and frontline workers by ferrying them back and forth between hospitals and their homes, so much so that the rickshaw has now become his home. Khan has opened a multi-utility store to help her community with daily essentials during the COVID-induced lockdown.

Hassan and his team have personally delivered oxygen cylinders to thousands of people. Wig has established a war room, where she is using her knowledge to help provide correct information about hospital beds, medicines, availability of oxygen cylinders, etc. Sabrina from Coimbatore has been cooking kilos of biryani and distributing it to those who can’t access, or afford it.

This film was launched recently on Ariel’s social media channels.

Sharat Verma, chief marketing officer, P&G Indian Subcontinent, and VP, fabric care, P&G Indian Subcontinent, said, “At Ariel, we believe that progress is impossible without change, and each of us has the power to make a difference. We salute these ordinary citizens for their extraordinary contribution to society. They inspire us through their selfless acts of kindness and teach us that when we all play our part to help each other, we can truly #ChangeTheCycle.”

Recently, Ariel brought about a sense of optimism and positivity by showcasing the story of Dr VS Priya, Kerala’s first transgender doctor, who fought against all odds to embrace her true self.

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