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Arjun Kapoor stars in new B Fizz commercial

Parle Agro’s multi-channel campaign for B Fizz will be live across TV, outdoor, digital and OTT platforms.

Beverage giant Parle Agro has launched a summer campaign for B Fizz, its robust malt-flavoured, fruit juice-based drink. It is the latest addition to Parle Agro’s pioneering sparkling fruit drink portfolio.

With its aggressive plans for B Fizz this summer, the company is set to further drive growth and visibility for the brand that has already made a dominating mark in the beverage industry in just 18 months since launch.

Launched in the peak of the COVID pandemic in 2020, B Fizz disrupted the malt-flavoured fruit drink category, with record breaking growth and sales, despite operating under a strict lockdown. As per secondary data research, B Fizz grew the category to 10 times the size, within a single year.

Now with the markets operating in full capacity, boosting consumption opportunities, Parle Agro is raring to unlock the full potential for B Fizz with a 360-degree marketing plan for the brand. 2022 is the first summer that presents the beverage giant with the opportunity to exploit the full benefits of operating B Fizz in a completely unrestricted market environment.

In the two-part campaign, featuring brand ambassador and actor Arjun Kapoor, B Fizz underlines the beverage as a drink for the brave. The ad highlights the experience that comes with just one sip of B Fizz, whilst stimulating a sense of boldness in the consumer. Maintaining the unmissable imagery of the brand, the ad focuses on the taste profile and spirit that the drink evokes.

Nadia Chauhan, joint managing director and CMO, Parle Agro, said, “Keeping with the company legacy, B Fizz is another champion innovation from the Parle Agro portfolio that has disrupted the market. Within a span of just one year, B Fizz grew to a Rs 500-crore brand; a remarkable achievement particularly in a challenging situation.”

“We are extremely excited about our campaign for B Fizz this season. We are fully geared up to capitalise on the liberty and opportunities that this season offers, and look forward to breaking our own record and reaching new heights for B Fizz.”

Parle Agro’s multi-channel campaign for B Fizz will be amplified across TV, outdoor, digital and OTT platforms. The campaign will be advertised during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).


Concept/direction: John Poliquin

Production company: Ransom Films

Post production Co: DI-POST

Creative agency: &Walsh

Creative director: Jessica Walsh

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