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ASCI's throwback ad reminisces quarantine in the times of coronavirus

The ad is for Bell Telephones and reminds us that nobody is alone in isolation if they possess one of these devices.

Everyday, the news of the coronavirus grows more bleak and quarantine measures are getting stricter in some places and more lienient in others. It has taken a mental toll on many people, but what we need to remember is that this is not the first time the world has faced lockdown because of a virus.

The last disease that the world battled with was the Spanish flu. There was no cure/vaccine for the disease at that time as well, so the way to prevent its spread was to lock people at home from going out and to quarantine those who contracted the disease.

This tweet by ASCI is a major throwback to those days and a reminder that the basic tenets of communication haven't changed that much since the last pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram have seen an increased interest in usage and YouTube and other streaming services are also seeing an uptick in interest. While humans crave for social contact, social media might be the closest replacement at this point.