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Asian Paints pushes DIY home solutions in lockdown with ezyCR8 line

Again, the paints major diversifies beyond its core offering. Viroprotek was about sanitising. This range is about frosting glass, cleaning rust, waterproofing, sealing tiles and beautifying furniture.

After going to market with a range of sanitisers (Viroprotek), Asian Paints is now advertising what seems to be a new range of DIY sprays in the home improvement space - products that help clean rust, waterproof parts of the house, seal tiles and, in general, beautify furniture/surfaces.

The ad films, created by Supari Studios show people in their homes using the products --the product demo bit involves a whole lot of spraying, mostly-- to improve their home furnishings.

Since citizens are spending most of their time indoors, they're turning their attention towards improving their home spaces... at least, that seems to be the insight. This product range by Asian Paints is called ezyCR8. The videos attempt to demonstrate how easy they are to use.

The films have been shot by and created in the homes of employees of Supari Studios.

These are all practical considerations for which an Indian consumer, in a pre-covid world, would have had to contact a carpenter for. The ads seem to act as DIY tutorials, focussing on self-sufficiency and working independently, without help from contract-based labourers (painters, carpenters, plumbers, and other kinds of skilled experts).

Interestingly, in India, painting one's home has always been an outsourced job, as have been the jobs shown in these videos.

Sure, we've seen dungree-clad movie stars paint their homes with roll-ons on screen, but ground reality has been quite different... we've always relied on painters and interior designers. Asian Paints' products are timely. Will people take to doing this stuff on their own, as opposed to postponing it altogether, though? That remains to be seen.