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Asian Paints, Sabyasachi collab brings luxury to home interiors

The Mumbai-based paint company aims to become an integrated home decor player, thanks to the collection under the brand ‘Nilaya’.

If there’s one thing that the COVID pandemic forced us all to do, it’s to spend a lot more time at home. It also meant trying to upgrade the décor of the place we were suddenly inhabiting a lot more than usual.

Keeping the rising home furnishings demand in mind, Mumbai-based Asian Paints has collaborated with designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for its designer home furnishings, under the brand ‘Nilaya’.

Although the collaboration isn’t new, the recent print and social media ads by the brand, is what drew our attention to it.

Asian Paints, Sabyasachi collab brings luxury to home interiors

Sabyasachi’s inspirations for this home furnishings collection stem from a variety of experiences, such as the skillfully painted fabrics born along the Coromandel Coast; embroideries from the ancient times; well-remembered motifs and patterns that continue to enchant; old-world Calcutta, with its fading luxury; and the traditions of miniaturists from the colonial-era Murshidabad. The five collections that are part of this collection include Thar, Makhmal, Soofa, Hazaribagh and Chowk.

Sabyasachi’s clothes are still a far-fetched dream for many Indians. This collaboration isn’t aimed at making money. It’s aimed at creating wealth.

“When you do things on your own, you do create a lot of money for yourself. When you collaborate, you create wealth, because you are working with two different kinds of ecosystems. The good thing about collaborations is that there are some people who become a great front, and some who become a great back or support system for the front. For us designers, the best thing about getting into a collaboration is that you can focus on the design and leave the rest to the other collaborator,” he told

Asian Paints, Sabyasachi collab brings luxury to home interiors
Asian Paints, Sabyasachi collab brings luxury to home interiors

What’s special about the collection is that the artwork for each of the wallpapers is hand-made by artists of the Sabyasachi Art Foundation. Struggling artists from across Bengaluru are a part of this foundation.

With this collaboration, Asian Paints endeavours to go beyond designer wallpapers, paints, kitchen and bath player, to become an integrated home decor player.

The brand believes that even with a small budget, people can make their homes look special, with the help of this collection.

Sabyasachi for Nilaya is available across Asian Paints’ Beautiful Home stores in India. This range is also available at select furnishings stores.

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