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Asian Paints takes the 'nosy neighbour' route to talk about its safe painting service

The service assures great-looking walls, while ensuring everyone's safety. And, if the ad is anything to go by, it will also make your neighbour grow curious about what's happening in your home.

"Oh, Sukeja ke ghar pe shooting ho rahi hai." "Nahin, nahin, yeh toh crime scene lag raha hai..."

Spying on your neighbours is an art, and something we've all indulged in, or will, at least once in our lifetime. While we do it get some good gossip, there are times when the people being spied upon also give it back in good measure.

That's exactly what the Sukejas do in the new Asian Paints ad, aptly called 'The Nosy Neighbours'.

The Makijas are a curious couple. In the ad, they're spying on their neighbours, the Sukejas, and wonder who the people in the special protective suits and gloves are. As they're debating whether it’s a shoot happening at their neighbour’s place, or whether it’s a crime scene, a call from Mr Sukeja bursts their espionage business. "Get safe painting done in your home, too, and your home will become worthy of a shoot location," says Mr Sukeja. Then a voice-over talks about Asian Paints' safe painting service.

It is the leading paint company’s initiative to assure great-looking walls, while ensuring everyone's safety.

Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited, says, “In line with being a responsible and caring brand, we are looking at strengthening the Asian Paints service brand. We are proactively looking at providing assurance to our customers by supplementing the Asian Paints painting service with safety and hygiene protocol."

He continued, "The Asian Paints safe painting campaign brings alive the commitment of the brand to offer not only a very safe painting environment, but also a hassle-free, faster and professional painting experience. The customers can now experience joy and happiness, reimagine their beautiful home without any risk, and with complete peace of mind.”

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, added, “This campaign builds on the insight, how we are always curious to know what’s happening in our neighbour’s home. Building on this, it tells a funny story to reassure, not just the homeowner, but his nosy neighbour, too, about our safe painting services."


Client: Asian Paints

Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai

Ogilvy Creative: Sukesh Nayak, Prasad Kulkarni

Office Leader: Ogilvy India (West): VR Rajesh

Ogilvy Account Management: Manish Tilwani, Amrita Basu, Sarvesh Belekar

Ogilvy Planning: Prem Narayan, Samhita Chaudhuri, Dhara Pujara

Production House: Corcoise Films

Director: Prasoon Pandey

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