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Ather Energy re-releases 450x scooter with major updates

Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ather Energy recently relaunched one of its flagship models, the 450x, with a bunch of new features. The company launched the first 450x model back in 2020.

With the update, the scooter is now equipped with a smarter operating system, the AtherStack 5.0. The update includes a new user interface (UI) on its dashboard and also allows the driver to access vector maps powered by Google on the dashboard.

Mechanically, the specs for the scooter have not been changed. It continues to offer a range of 146 km on a full charge. The 6200w motor generates a max torque of 26 Nm. Only major changes that have been made in the UI system. Along with this, the company has launched 450x in six new colour variants. The seat has also been widened.

The 450x was unveiled at the Bangalore community day, a new meet up format event organised on January 7. 

Ather Energy re-releases 450x scooter with major updates

The company launched the scooter with a one minute TVC along with print ad coverage on January 8. The print ad displayed all six color variants of the scooter with information about the new update on the software Atherstack 5.0.

Shot in Kolkata, the TVC features a rider commuting through the city using different modes of drive that the system provides. The protagonist is seen cruising the streets of Kolkata on the scooter with all the new new features of the scooter at his disposal. Out to meet someone, the protagonist is seen navigating maps, attending phone calls, monitoring speed and fuel, and shifting between different drive modes, while bystanders stare at him in awe.

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