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AU Bank pulls down ad starring Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani after netizens rail against it

People accused the bank and Khan of misplaced wokeism and of hurting religious sentiments.

AU Bank has pulled down its latest ad from its social media channels. The ad, starring actors Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani, ran afoul netizens who accused the bank of selective wokeism and for hurting their religious sentiments.

In the ad, Aamir Khan decides to move into Kiara Advani’s home after their marriage instead of the Hindu tradition of the bride leaving her home to join her husband’s home.

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The theme of the ad fell under the bank’s #BadlaavHumseHai positioning which started as changes in the way a bank operates keeping a customer’s convenience first.

#AamirKhan_Insults_HinduDharma tended on Twitter and calls were made for the bank as well as the actor’s boycott. Khan is not new to such trolling; his campaign for CEAT Tyres in 2021 too ran afoul of people’s religious sentiments.

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