Shreyas Kulkarni

Axis Bank bats for SMEs in a new spot

Conceptualized and written by AutumnGrey, it reminds us how similar our neighbourhood shops are to e-commerce platforms.

Long before online shopping sites became our window to fulfilling our daily needs, we used to head outside to the “bagal wali dukaan” (neighbourhood shop) for our fix.

Bread, eggs, clothes, shoes, dosa, vegetables, washing powder… you name it and there’d be a shop nearby selling it. That’s how most of us were brought up and, at some shops, we were the third-generation customers.

The COVID pandemic may have forced us to stay indoors, and has also increased the popularity of online shopping platforms. But the “bagal wali dukaan” is still there and its owner is now struggling to make ends meet.

Axis Bank’s latest spot focuses on such shops. It reminds us how, similar to online shopping websites, our neighbourhood shops would remember our regular orders, give us a freebie now and then, and instant replacements too.

“Today, small and local businesses need our help to get back on their feet. Let’s all do our bit to help those, who provide employment to millions,” reads the ad’s description.

Rajiv Anand, executive director - wholesale banking, Axis Bank, said, “India has close to about 60 million-plus small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These businesses employ 110 million-plus Indians, contribute to 45 per cent of total industrial production and 40 per cent of total export. So, this SME day, we were inspired to celebrate them for their contribution and resilience.”

“With our campaign #Shopwalishopping, we want to throw light on the role that local businesses play in supporting us with our everyday needs. We also wanted to re-emphasise the need to stand with them today,” he went on to add.

Autumn Grey is the agency behind the ad and its VP and branch head Bodh Deb tells us that Axis Bank was deeply concerned about this (SME) space. “Our shopping behaviour has changed in the last two (COVID) waves. We can’t forget about this entire community that has been there for so many decades.”

In June last year (2020), Axis Bank had touched on a similar theme with the #ReverseTheKhata campaign.

"As a part of the banking community we are well aware of our responsibilities towards our society overall, especially in these challenging times, and we will not shy away from doing a lot more purpose driven work than we have in the past," he signs off.

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