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Axis Bank wants to care for those who care for others…

… With offerings from shopping to vehicle finance to home rates.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Fans of the ‘Justice League’ animated series may remember this line… Gotham City’s Batman says this to Starling City’s costumed hero Green Arrow after he gives a rousing speech to prevent Superman from dissolving the Justice League. It is a team that includes the Earth’s mightiest fighters...

The phrase is Latin for “who will guard the guards themselves?” and was asked by the Roman poet Juvenal in his satires (collection of satirical poems). Axis Banks’ new series of ads sort of answer this question because in them, the bank proclaims that it now cares for those who care for others.

Called ‘Dil se Open Celebrations’, Axis Bank says, “Jo apno ke dil ki baat sunte hai, humne unke dil ki baat suni.” Conceptualised by Autumn Grey, an interesting aspect of the ads is the complete absence of any lines or sounds from the actors. Actions speak louder than words.

A young couple is trying to make space for a crib before welcoming a new (little) family member... In the end, one surprises the other by revealing a plan to buy a 2 BHK. Axis Bank says, “Home Loans with interest rate starting from 6.9%* p.a.”

A lady always pulls one of the sofa cushions, where her husband often dozes off, to use as a back support as she now works from home. One day, she is surprised to see an office chair in place of the ordinary chair and a proper (office) light too, while her husband is smiling behind her… Avail Axis Bank offers on over one lakh products with its credit and debit cards.

Unlike most husbands, this one mutes the cricket match when his wife is on a call. Don’t think she missed this because he soon discovers a pair of wireless headphones near the sofa table; a gift from his wife, of course.

While a couple examines a motorcycle, a guy (who’s looking to buy the bike) sees that his wife is interested in a scooter… he ditches his bike and instead settles for two scooters… Get up to 100%* on-road funding on two-wheeler and car loans.

An elderly husband sees his wife go for a morning walks and also observes her fixing her ‘salwar’ … She one day sees a gift, which contains a pair of sports shoes and running gear… Offers on apparels with credit and debit cards.

Axis Bank’s Twitter handle reads:

Dil se open.

For your dreams, our eyes are open.

For your hopes, our minds are open.

And for your plans, we promise to open every possible window of opportunity.

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