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Axis Mutual Fund and Mirum team up for a new investor awareness campaign

The 360-degree campaign has been creatively led and conceptualized by Mirum India.

That highs and lows are a part of life is a given. Why, they’re part of the human experience. There’s no avoiding them, although what one can do during those lows is what determines their impact. And the only way to steer clear of the most adverse effects of the lows? Being #HameshaTaiyaar, according to Axis Mutual Fund.

At a time when markets movements are uncertain, and investors are understandably concerned about their portfolios, Axis Mutual Fund’s latest campaign highlights one key solution that investors can potentially consider. The campaign illustrates, in simple terms, how Balanced Advantage Fund dynamically balances debt and equity, so that their portfolios don’t bear the brunt of market volatility.

The 360-degree campaign is led by two films that rest on the foundation of being always prepared. Short, humorous films, they both utilise slice-of-life situations to illustrate the benefits of being #HameshaTaiyaar.

In the first film, the protagonist, a man on his two-wheeler, stands apart from the others around him at a traffic signal, eliciting stares and confused looks. With a twist in the situation however, we’re shown how he’s the most prepared of them all.

The second film shows us a couple readying their table for a small dinner party. When the guests arrive, however, the couple realises they’re not prepared for the little surprise their guests planned for them. And yet, with quick thinking, they tackle the situation so that the dinner party goes smoothly.

In both films, the message is loud and clear - when you’re #HameshaTaiyaar, you’re better equipped to tackle unexpected situations, just the way a Balanced Advantage Fund is equipped to tackle market ups and downs.

Naila Patel, executive creative director, Mirum India Digital , says of the campaign, “What works in this campaign is the element of simplicity - there are no convoluted ideas, no layers the audience must peel through to get to the core message of the campaign. From a creative standpoint, keeping the messaging simple was paramount to us - when you get down to the technicality of it, understanding the category of Balanced Advantage Funds is complicated, so we wanted to ensure our campaign made it easier for investors to make an informed decision, and help them understand how this category of mutual fund can add value to their wealth creation journey. Besides, our protagonists are everyday people in everyday situations, something our audience can very easily relate to.”

Boniface Noronha, senior vice president & head – marketing & digital, Axis Mutual Fund, says, “Continuing with Axis Mutual Fund’s efforts towards increasing investor awareness is our latest campaign, #HameshaTaiyaar. Through the campaign, not only are we educating investors about the ‘Balanced Advantage’ category but are also emphasizing on its core advantages, thereby increasing understanding, at large. The distinctive narrative of the campaign focuses on capturing investment sentiment across consumers. Awareness initiatives and campaigns such as ours, will be instrumental in connecting with the wider masses and increasing investor awareness.”

The campaign was launched on the 10th of October, and is slated to run for a year.

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