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Ayushmann Khurrana dons 'smart chachu' avatar for Bajaj Allianz Life's new campaign

It compares his 'smartness' with the brand's smart offerings.

A major 'adulting' milestone is to buy life insurance. You do it because it shows you care for your loved ones – in case something happens to you, the financial cushion will take care of your family's future. This is the emotional angle behind buying a life insurance policy.

But, choosing one requires your 'smarts' to come into the picture. It's exactly what Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana does as 'chachu' for Bajaj Allianz Life's new three-ad campaign 'Smart Protect Goal'.

In the first ad, we see Khurrana 'chachu' preparing pasta, and his nephew yelling at him to prepare paneer makhani. But, 'chachu' isn't fazed because he's learned to cook it all during (COVID-induced) lockdown, and will do so forever.

This smart move (learning to cook) is compared to Bajaj Allianz's Life's Smart Protect Goal that tells you to pay premiums for five years and get term insurance coverage for 99 years.

The second ad has the actor talk about how he taught his nieces and nephews the habit of sharing, and points towards plates filled with half-eaten goodies that are left for him. Khurrana compares the leftover snacks as smart returns, like the Smart Protect Goal that returns all your premiums at the end of your policy term.

We see Khurrana, in the third ad, reveal that his nephew 'Bunty' is scared of cycling so his 'chachu' is helping him do so. Switch to the Bajaj Allianz Life's Smart Assist that connects you to insurance experts through screen sharing; from plan details to form filling, get all your work done in a jiffy.

It's an interesting move from Bajaj Allianz Life to rope in Khurrana as its brand ambassador. The campaign talks about 'smart', and the actor is known for his 'smart' picks with movies that have fuelled his rise to stardom.

Chandramohan Mehra, chief marketing officer, Bajaj Allianz Life, said, “The refreshed brand narrative, relevant to new customer risk-mitigation mindset, is anchored on Ayushmann, who embodies our brand ethos of trustworthiness, innovativeness, authenticity and responsibility.”

“The pandemic has infused smartness in our lives, and it is reflected in how we are embracing remote ways of living, or acquiring new skills. Our smart products and secured digital services are aimed at securing and enabling our customer’s life goals in these uncertain times.”

Khurrana added, “I am delighted to partner with Bajaj Allianz Life in its journey towards enabling life goals of India. A trusted and smart life insurance plan is a reliable back up to your family’s life goals. Amongst several innovative offerings, its differentiated term insurance plan and the innovative digital service Smart Assist precisely answer the need of protection and contactless, yet assisted transactions.”

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