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Baby products brand R for Rabbit presents a lullaby for moms ahead of Mother's Day

The initiative honours the dedication of mothers worldwide, emphasising the love and sacrifices they make.

R For Rabbit, known for its premium baby products, unveils a Mother's Day ad campaign, introducing the world to the lullaby designed for mothers.

This initiative is a tribute to the boundless love and sacrifice of mothers worldwide, aiming to redefine the celebration of motherhood by honouring the nurturing spirit of moms.

With the debut of the Lullaby For Moms, the campaign seeks to underscore the importance of acknowledging and cherishing the dedication of mothers in nurturing their loved ones.

“As a baby products company, we understand the journey of motherhood more than anything else. We wanted to highlight to mothers and everyone around her, that a mother needs a break too. This film captures exactly that in a very nice Indian context,” says Kunal Popat, founder, R For Rabbit.

In a society where mothers often prioritise the well-being of their children above their own, R For Rabbit's Mother's Day campaign serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and appreciation for mothers.

Through initiatives like the World’s First Lullaby For Moms and the #Lullabyformom social media movement, R For Rabbit aims to ignite a global conversation on the significance of maternal love and support, fostering greater empathy and connection within communities.

“As a mother myself who has experienced this first hand, this is a message we have been waiting to share with the parenting community. The fact that mothers too need to understand that they need a break and the support system should be the key takeaway,” says Kinjal Popat, co-founder and COO, R For Rabbit.

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