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Baidyanath Rhuma Oil ad is a new take on pain relief

Created by Thinkstr’s Gurugram office, the 360-degree campaign kicks off with an online film.

Leading with its promise to provide authentic and effective Ayurvedic products to its consumers, Baidyanath, the leading pharmaceutical firm specialising in Ayurvedic medicines, has rolled out a campaign for its pain management category, under the brand name Rhuma Oil.

Created by Thinkstr’s Gurugram office, the 360-degree campaign kicks off with an online film.

Ajay Sharma, director, Baidyanath, commented, “Ayurveda has effective remedies for various health issues and lifestyle ailments. The consumers have realised the effectiveness of Ayurveda in immunity building and have readily adopted it.”

“Seeing this, we felt it was imperative to introduce the consumer to the benefits of Ayurveda in pain management. Modern India is moving at a fast pace, which can induce stress and strain, ultimately leading to joint, back and neck pain. The aging population is also plagued with lasting joint pain. Our goal with this campaign is to make them realise that pain doesn’t have to be a lifelong companion.”

Ramesh Yadav, CMO, Baidyanath, added, “The ad approaches an otherwise serious category of pain management with light humour, building a strong empathetic narrative around the brand’s role in a consumer’s life.”

“The situations in the ad depict a slice of life at various stages and are, thus, highly relatable and evocative. Through this campaign, we are encouraging the consumers to move forward and take on every challenge that comes their way with ease and greater confidence”.

Satbir Singh, founder, Thinkstr, said, “The idea was to do something sticky and memorable in one of the oldest advertising categories: pain. The campaign, like Rhuma Oil itself, will bring a smile to the consumer’s face.”

Rhuma Oil is a potent Ayurvedic blend curated with 10 carefully identified herbs that are effective and efficient to provide long-lasting relief to the users from chronic pain without any side effects. It not only penetrates deep inside the pain area, but also provides sustainable relief.

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