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Bail Kolhu encourages mindful voting with its #ChunoSahi campaign

The new campaign aims to promote mindful voting by encouraging citizens to make informed decisions about their political choices.

Bail Kolhu, from the house of BL Agro Group, an edible oil and food manufacturing company headquartered in Bareilly, introduces #ChunoSahi campaign on all social media platforms.

In launching the #ChunoSahi campaign, Bail Kolhu responds to a crucial juncture in the societal landscape, where consumer mindsets are evolving. They are progressively becoming more conscious, informed, and discerning in their choices. They no longer passively consume advertising but actively seek out brands that resonate with their values and uphold social responsibility. #ChunoSahi campaign leverages this moment to foster a dialogue about the importance of making informed decisions, not just in the kitchen but also when it comes to overall societal mindfulness.

The film opens with a politician mid-speech, portraying a familiar scene of promises made by political parties. Viewers are transported into a world of extravagant pledges: hospitals, farming automation, robotic cleaning, high-tech education and impeccable, smooth roads. The film then sheds light on a fundamental concern often overshadowed by the grandiosity of political rhetoric. Grand commitments are alluring but when will politicians start to fulfil basic necessities like access to lavatories for basic hygiene.

#ChunoSahi campaign by Bail Kolhu
#ChunoSahi campaign by Bail Kolhu

The film concludes with "आपको लुभाने के लिए नेता जी की ज़ुबान तेल की तरह फिसलेगी, लेकिन आप अपने मत को मत फिसलने देना " Translated, it urges, "To entice you, politicians' words may slip like oil, but do not let your vote slip away." This closing message serves as a reminder and a compelling call to voters, urging them to choose their representatives carefully, akin to the diligence they employ in selecting their cooking oil.

Richa Khandelwal, managing director, Leads Brand Connect, elaborates, "Bail Kolhu is a symbol of unwavering commitment to authenticity, and we sought to extend this ethos beyond the confines of the kitchen. Our choice of a concept that draws parallels between the meticulous selection of cooking oil and the act of casting a vote is intentional. By infusing humour, the campaign adeptly resonates with viewers, effectively encouraging citizens to make informed decisions about their political choices.”

Ashish Khandelwal, managing director, BL Agro, expresses, “We believe in fostering a society where citizens are not just consumers but active participants in shaping the narrative of our nation. #ChunoSahi is a call to action to ignite civic responsibility."

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