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Balaji Wafers details the safety precautions it has initiated in a new video

From sanitisation of all vehicles to zero human contact during production, the 46-year old snacks brand is leaving no stone unturned regarding its safety measures.

Balaji Wafers has a lot going for it. For starters, in 2019, after a gap of almost 14 years, it released a set of three TVCs and roped in Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana as its first-ever brand ambassador.

In a previous interview with us, Jay Sachdev, manager, marketing, Balaji Wafers said, “We have a strong foot in the West zone. In these markets, we have a good presence in both tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Until now we did not feel the need to engage in marketing activities. However, we are now looking to expand into the other markets. We want to establish ourselves as a national brand. The TVC and getting Ayushmann on-board are both steps in this direction.”

This conversation took place in November 2019. Fast forward to May 2020 and the world is unrecognisable. Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown to halt its spread, brands had to face distribution hassles and introduce strict sanitisation protocols. This to, boost consumer confidence that the manufacturing process of the products is safe.

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And doing just that is Balaji Wafers in a new video. In it, the brand details how it ceased production following the lockdown announcement. But, it soon restarted production.

Balaji Wafers details the safety precautions it has initiated in a new video

It shows us the various safety measures it has taken: sanitisation of the staff bus, temperature checks, installation of full-body sanitisation station, facial recognition instead of biometric attendance, zero human contact process during production, and sanitisation of all transport vehicles.

The video ends with a statement, "Your Safety Is Our Priority".

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