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Barbie bets on ‘empathy’ to change the world

It’s the iconic doll brand’s new campaign based on neuroscience research from Cardiff University.

“If playing with dolls can help a child develop empathy, then a doll can help change the world,” says Barbie.

It’s the ethos of the iconic doll brand’s new campaign where it, backed by a neuroscience study from Cardiff University (in Wales, UK), believes that playing with dolls can help the kids develop essential social qualities.

Made by BBH L.A., the charming 37-second video depicts kids doing a particular task with their dolls, and a text would depict the societal quality they’re inculcating at that very moment.

Dr Sarah Gregson, Cardiff University’s lead researcher, said, “Our Cardiff University child development research group recently found evidence that even when playing with the dolls alone, children’s brains are active in similar ways as when they interact with other people.”

“Playing with dolls can help the children rehearse social interactions, and allows them to develop empathy and social skills, which are important for future success in our social world. This, we hope, should bring some comfort to the parents concerned about their children’s social and academic development.”

The ‘A Doll Can Help Change the World’ campaign is an extension of the brand’s ‘You Can Be Anything’ platform.