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Battlegrounds Mobile India wants to ground its gamers before losing them to its own creation

A new film by DDB Mudra address unhealthy gaming obsessions and the checks the creators have introduced.

The pandemic induced lockdown(s) gave us many new habits. One of them was the introduction to constant piping hot mobile gaming. Battlegrounds Mobile India (formerly PUBG) was perhaps the biggest benefactor of this love for gaming.

But, this love turned into an unhealthy obsession when kids and young adults could not keep their hands and eyes off this game. Combating this bad habit are the creators of the game and DDB Mudra in a new film.

The newly launched film tackles obsessive gaming with humour while highlighting BGMI's in-game OTP authentication and spend limit features. The upcoming films address the physical, mental, and social implications of obsessive gaming and showcase the other features that BGMI has built into the game.

The features introduced by BGMI include virtual world warnings, OTP authenticated controls, break-time reminders, 3-hour gameplay limits, in-game spend limits, moderated graphics with reduced violence, nudity and bloodshed, and actions to keep language in check.

Vishnu Srivatsav, Creative Head - South, DDB Mudra said, “When it comes to a conversation on Responsible Gaming, there’s no real benefit in talking down. People don’t like to be preached to. So, we took a lighter, more relatable approach. And we brought everyone into the conversation: gamers, their families, and their friends. The films are unexpected and fun, but always human.”

“We care deeply for our gamers, hence we acted. These changes have been made to ensure responsible gaming practices are adopted by gaming enthusiasts, especially minors. It also asserts the integrity and fairness of our business practices of putting community first. Yes, we aim to offer our best entertainment and experiences to our gamers, but at the same time mental and physical health of our players remains one of our top priorities,” said Mr Wooyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at Krafton.

Agency Credits:

Creative: Rahul Mathew, Vishnu Srivatsav, Sooraj Pillai, Neha Sathe, Murugaiya Gokul, Sudhira Mendon

Business: Shikha Davessar, Sheenu Gaur, Sanjana Chetan

Strategy: Netra Ramachandran, Sukshita Singh

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