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Bausch + Lomb’s new campaign draws attention to eye health

The contact lenses and lens care solution brand has released a series of eye exercises that one can do while working from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lifestyle in innumerable ways. It has been more than a month since the lockdown was imposed, in March. Most, if not all, of us have been working from home since then. While it has allowed us to stay in the safety of our homes, it has also exponentially increased the amount of time we spend in front of the desktop/laptop/handset screen. And, this has taken, or may/will eventually take, a toll on the health of our eyes.

To address this, Bausch + Lomb, the contact lenses and lens care solution brand in India, has come up with a new digital campaign #EyeSeeBetter. Through it, the brand wishes to raise awareness around eye health. It is urging people to undertake brief eye exercises daily.

Speaking about the campaign, Sanjay Bhutani, MD, Bausch + Lomb, says, “During the current lockdown, people are spending far more time looking at screens, be it due to the new work from home setting, or time spent on social media and OTT platforms. This can lead to increased strain and dryness of the eyes. We wanted to just remind people to take care of their eyes, even as they deal with the new normal.”

Sanjay Bhutani
Sanjay Bhutani

The brand has released a series of short videos with simple eye exercises and eye care tips that can be done easily, even while people are scrolling through their social media accounts on handsets.

When asked about the challenges faced by the brand during this lockdown, Bhutani says that the overall impact on consumer spending has led them to re-evaluate some of the planned investments. “However, despite the current crisis, consumer confidence, and hence our long-term outlook on the market, continues to be positive. We will continue to invest behind our efforts to grow the category, albeit with a very strong focus on optimising performance and prioritising growth,” he says.

“Through our distribution reach, we have been able to service most of our consumers, who were in an urgent need to replenish their prescriptions. Beyond that, most of our products are also available to consumers for home delivery via pharmacies and our online channel partners. Through this crisis, our endeavour has been to serve as many of consumers’ prescriptions as possible, while ensuring strict adherence to health and safety guidelines,” added Bhutani.

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