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BBH turns advertising icon and co-founder Sir John Hegarty into a VR icon

In a VR initiative previously available only to staff, we see the legendary adman dole out timeless advice.

Last week, BBH made public an internally available tool called, "Hegarty On…”; a 360-degree VR experience that lets you have one on one time with Sir John Hegarty, one of the co-founders of Bartle Bogle Hegarty or better known as BBH.

These videos were shot before his retirement in his London office. What are they about? They are an immersive experience about creativity, art, philosophy, and advertising from the mind of Hegarty. There are 17 chapters in total and range from topics such as 'Confidence' and 'Future' to 'Asking Why' and 'Awards'.

Adobo Magazine reported Joakim (Jab) Borgström, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at BBH, commenting on the platform: "Everyone knows that Sir John is a great storyteller. Just before he retired from BBH we shot these videos in his office as we wanted to find an interesting way to capture his legacy in a space where many of his great ideas were born. His office doesn’t exist anymore so these sessions are a link to that moment of time when he was still around at BBH. By using the 360 VR technology we have tried to make it as close to reality as possible.”