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Beardo challenges enforced shaving norms in campus placements in its #BeardsAtWork campaign

With this campaign, Beardo celebrates all beards and challenges conventional norms of grooming in the corporate world.

On World Beard Day (2nd September), Beardo, from the house of Marico Ltd takes a stand for inclusivity and freedom of individual expression with their new digital campaign #BeardsAtWork. This campaign, primarily driven through a digital film featuring Hardik Banga, challenges the conventional norms of grooming and places the spotlight on the contentious issue of enforced shaving during placements.

Today, while the modern corporate world has increasingly embraced the concept of individuality, there are still instances where, during campus placements, many bearded young individuals are asked to shave in order to be placed. While a well-groomed beard is considered corporate-appropriate today, the acceptance hasn’t quite extended to campus recruitment yet. Therefore, as a leading men’s grooming brand and a partner many rely on for their grooming needs, Beardo has taken on this campaign to celebrate #BeardsAtWork this World Beard Day! Taking a light-hearted approach, the #BeardsAtWork campaign aims to spark a conversation about beard-inclusivity by shattering stereotypes and championing authentic self-expression in the corporate world through a digital film.

This impactful yet fun film opens with a classroom filled with young students with a backdrop showcasing campus placements, setting the stage for a powerful narrative. The film goes on to show a professor who gives an ultimatum to the students that they need to shave in order even appear for an interview or miss placements, thereby hampering their careers. BASED ON TRUE EVENTS, the film then captures the response of bearded students who invent different excuses ranging from superstitions about shaving on certain days to humorous claims of allergic reactions to razors. The film culminates with a thought-provoking message and a call to action, advocating for change in workplace perceptions. Hardik Banga’s words resonate deeply as he asserts that donning & maintaining a beard is a matter of personal identity. The film further invites viewers to re-consider the correlation between appearance and professional competence, highlighting that in fact “shaping” a beard involves more commitment & effort than “Shaving” one, and hence well groomed beards should be celebrated at work.

Speaking about this campaign, Sujot Malhotra, chief executive officer, Beardo, said “Beardo has always been firmly committed towards championing the cause of true masculinity and the timeless statement made by any well-groomed beard. We have always celebrated all kinds of Beards and what they stand for by challenging the arbitrary conformity of enforced shaving in the corporate world. We stand by the feeling that a beard should never stand as a barrier to professionalism, and with our #BeardsAtWork campaign, we aim to break down stereotypes and celebrate the power of individual expression. Celebrating World Beard Day with this campaign, we hope to reflect the evolving norms of inclusivity and expression, paving the way for a more diverse culture.”

Agency Credits: Conceptualized & produced IN-HOUSE
Shot By : Leon Alfred

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