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Beardo looks to unite locked-down men to embrace their quarantine beards

The beard grooming brand's crowdsourced music video is one minute long and celebrates facial hair, a byproduct of home quarantine.

Beardo, a men’s grooming and skin care brand, recently launched a digital campaign that unites men across India in a new crowdsourced music video to embrace and salute their beard and facial hair. The one-minute-long video features over 50 of India’s ‘beardos’ (bearded men) whose entries were shortlisted and edited in to the final video.

In the video - ‘ALWAYS A BEARDO’, the brand also emphasises on how many men have taken the lockdown time to grow their beard and experiment with a completely different look.

Men across the country were encouraged to share videos and images of their lockdown beards using the film’s soundtrack. The soundtrack was made free to download through an Instagram post.

While the crowdsourcing idea was able to accumulate around 10,000 responses from across India, as a token of appreciation the brand created over 3500 edits by way of personalized videos featuring every customer’s image and shared it back with them.

Talking about the campaign, Sujot Malhotra, chief business officer, Beardo, in a press release issued by the brand, said “ALWAYS A BEARDO is all about being loud and proud of your beards old and new. If there’s anything that isolation has done, it’s renewed the passion in men, giving them the time they needed to grow the beards or style the moustache they’ve always wanted.”

Understanding the current scenario of personal grooming, the campaign looks to give men the opportunity to showcase how they have been working on their beard, a prime aspect of men’s grooming.

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