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Beats by Dre asks whether you really love Black people

The new ad reveals the hypocrisy of loving Black music, entertainment and sport, but not the Black person...

Beats by Dre’s new ad points towards a kind of hypocrisy that pervades the United States and even the world – You love Black music, entertainment, athletic achievements and fashion, but do you love Black people?

In the US, racial injustice has taken centre stage in the last few years. Stars like Naomi Osaka, Lil Baby, Bubba Wallace and Janaya Khan, who’re part of this ad for the consumer audio products manufacturer from Apple, are seeing “the world actively love their art or athletic achievements, while also seeing the world continually oppress the Black community at large.”

“You love me. You love me not.” It is no wonder these couple of statements often uttered by love-struck teenagers today speak the magnitude of injustice and trauma Black people are going through.

The two-minute ad features striking images and clips of the lives of Black people, while the voice-over by Tobe Nwigwe, a musical artist, asks powerful questions, like “You love Black culture. But, do you love me?”

Variety quoted Steve Stoute, founder and CEO, Translation, the agency behind the ad, as saying, “Beats, Translation and everyone involved wanted to create a piece that would let our next generation know that they are seen, heard and (they are) enough. Beats was founded and named after a Black man, who has always been a voice for the youth, and we are eager to continue using the platform he built to help amplify Black voices now and forever.”

“Beats brought together an incredible group of people to centre the conversation on the everyday beauty and resilience of the Black community,” says Wallace, an American race car driver. “I joined this campaign because I want the next generation to always love themselves and their culture.”

Two-time Grammy award winner Melina Matsoukas has directed the ad, while Grammy winner Solange Knowles provides the score.

A note from Beats by Dre’s website read, “As America continues confronting racial injustice, it’s important to showcase the fight, but also the beauty and hope that Black people hold through it all.”

The project is part of a greater brand initiative for Beats, where it will be focused on highlighting stories from and within the Black community.

This isn’t just a film — it’s a love letter to the Black experience.

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