Aishwarya Ramesh

Bingo's new TVC asks viewers to bend the 'rulz' a little

The ad is for Bingo's 'No Rulz' product - which is available in cheese and masala flavours.

Bingo's YouTube channel features an ad for its new product 'No Rulz'. The snack is in the cheese puff format and its ad features two brothers. The overall theme of the ad is that it's 'not cool' to enforce rules.

It's a pun on the name of the product itself - which reads 'No Rulz'. The product is available in masala and cheese flavours. The ad features the younger man standing up for himself when the older one asks him to wash his bike. The agency that created this ad is Ogilvy.

Earlier in May 2020, Bingo released an ad campaign, which featured the concept of asking users to take a 'Bingo break'. This has famously been Nestlé KitKat's area of speciality for years.