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Bira 91 gets Prateek Kuhad to croon for its debut music video, reminisces about the summer we lost…

… But the beer brand wants you chill because the summer we love so much will return soon.

The warm feeling of summer with a cold beer by your side; it’s quite an unbeatable pairing and experience. A few of our friends and family are enjoying this while they ring in the New Year in Goa. Yours truly can see the sly grin on your face right now.

Maybe Bira 91, a leading beer brand, understood that not everyone can head out right now. So, it released its debut music video ‘Always Summer’, featuring singer-songwriter and musician Prateek Kuhad. The film captures precious moments indoors that we all witnessed this year, leaving one with a hope of a joyful outdoor summer very soon.

From playing table tennis on the dining table to intimate moments to cooking adventures... The video captures the best lockdown moments. The song’s YouTube description reads, “And as we wrap this year, here’s looking back at the summer we knew and the best of #summer that is yet to come.”

Deepak Sinha, VP marketing, Bira 91, says, “The (COVID) pandemic this year right at the outset of beer season got us a lot closer to our consumers. We saw unprecedented love and stories pouring in from our community. Consumers adapting to this new normal, whether it was working from home, or spending time alone/with family, taking up a hobby, and finding ways to cheer indoors. We just saw so much love and ways in which people celebrated small moments with a Blonde Summer Lager by their side.”

“This inspired us to narrate the story of summer 2020 though this music video, and with a hope of a better and safer tomorrow where we will be back outdoors with our beers. This beautiful track by Prateek was perfect to visually emote and instill that feeling of joy, warmth, good cheer and hope.”

The film was created by Homegrown India and directed by Aneesh Malankar.

Song: ‘Kho Jaane Do’

Song by Prateek Kuhad

Lyrics by Prateek Kuhad

Mixed by Mario Borgatta

Mastered by Robin Schmidt

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