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Bisk Farm echoes ‘Taste with A Twist’ slogan in latest TVC featuring Hrithik Roshan

Bisk Farm has also re-introduced a small pack of Googly Biscuits at an affordable price of Rs 10.

Bisk Farm, a biscuit and bakery brands from the house of SAJ Food has launched a new TVC campaign with Hrithik Roshan, the brand ambassador for its Googly range of biscuits. Keeping up with the brand slogan ‘Googly- Taste with a Twist’, the TVC revolves around a fun banter between the husband and wife.

The key differentiator of Googly range of biscuits is it promises a twist in the taste. It offers a distinct taste with a perfect blend of sweet and salt, available in a mix of unique flavours and variants.

The TVC shows Hrithik Roshan engaging in a friendly banter with his wife, invoking jealousy in her. Staying true to its core for Googly biscuits, Hrithik’s tongue-in-cheek response to his wife’s question on why he doesn’t love her as much as their neighbour loves his spouse, brings about a hilarious twist in the conversation.

With a sharp focus to create awareness of the product amongst mass audience base, the TVC is being launched in seven different languages- Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Odiya, Kannada, and Assamese.

Further to this TVC, Bisk Farm also re-introduced a Chhota pack of Googly Biscuits at an affordable price of Rs 10, thus making the product available in five different price points. With this, Googly biscuits will be now be available in across price range from Rs 5 to Rs 35. In order to create awareness of the Chhota Pack, Bisk Farm also launched another TVC with Hrithik Roshan.

Commenting on the campaign, Vijay Singh, managing director, SAJ Food, said, "We are thrilled to launch our new TVC campaign for the Googly range of biscuits with our brand ambassador, Hrithik Roshan. The campaign perfectly encapsulates the fun and unexpected twist that Googly biscuits bring to the table, just like Hrithik's playful banter in the ad. With this launch in seven different languages and the re-introduction of our new Chhota Pack at just Rs. 10, we are committed to making Googly biscuits accessible to a wider audience."

Credit List for the TVC-

Film Director : Abhishek Burman | Producer : Karim Morani & Shaza Morani (Morani Media Works)

Script – Ravinder Siwach, godzilla

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