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Bitcoin liya kya? Asks CoinDCX

The ad campaign by the leading Indian crypto exchange aims to position Bitcoin as a serious investment asset for the masses.

Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX has launched a digital campaign #BitcoinLiyaKya with an aim to acquire new users. The campaign chooses humorous storytelling, and positions top global cryptocurrency Bitcoin as the latest must-have investment asset for Indians.

It aims to appeal to not just the millennials and Gen-Z, who have taken a liking to the crypto space, but also the older generation, who may have had apprehensions in venturing into this relatively new asset space.

The campaign is currently live on CoinDCX’s YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter handles.

As a part of the campaign, CoinDCX is also incentivising new users with free Bitcoin worth Rs 100. Additionally, users also stand a chance to win a portfolio of one Bitcoin.

Speaking on the purpose and timing of this campaign, Ramalingam Subramanian, head of brand and communication, CoinDCX, said, "With the #BitcoinLiyaKya campaign, we want the viewers to consider Bitcoin as an investment class asset. We want Indians to consider investing 1-5 per cent of their portfolio in crypto assets, such as Bitcoin. I think the millennials are digital savvy, and will benefit the most by investing in this digital gold."

He added, "At CoinDCX, we have been empowering the investors in making safe and secure investments in popular crypto assets like Bitcoin since our inception in 2018. Our CoinDCX Go app has been launched to facilitate the same, and it has already crossed one million downloads in just five months. We aim to onboard new investors by leveraging the virtues of the simple, safe and compliant crypto ecosystem through this campaign, and march towards building a larger investor community.”