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Bombay Shaving Company says “Sorry Dad" in its latest campaign

The brand delves into the reality of an often-overlooked importance of Father's Day.

Bombay Shaving Company, a hair removal and grooming products brand is taking a bold and very honest approach this Father's Day with its digital campaign, "Sorry Dad”, While we have made them - This Year Too, You Won't Get a Gift."

After five years of creating memorable and heartwarming campaigns, Bombay Shaving Company recognised a trend that Father's Day is celebrated far less than other occasions like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. This year, the brand delves into the reality of an often-overlooked importance of Father's Day, through interesting content and honest conversations with Dads and their offsprings.

Search trends and observations reveal that, people most often buy gifts for their partners, mothers, sisters, and even pets, showering them with love and making them feel special. Yet, amidst these celebrations, father’s special day is overshadowed by other occasions. In quirky, reflective manner, Bombay Shaving Company urges everyone to recognise and appreciate fathers, ensuring this year doesn't go by without the recognition they truly deserve.

The brand conceptualised and produced an in-house digital film, incorporating snippets from past campaigns, including collaborations with Rajat Kapoor and nostalgic videos, highlighting how Father's Day has often gone uncelebrated despite the best efforts.

Founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, Shantanu Deshpande himself, has taken the mantle to lead this conversation, by doing Vox-pops in popular city centers in Delhi and NCR, speaking with Dads, their offsprings and families, to understand the curious dynamic of their relationship - which is filled, with love and respect, but NOT necessarily demonstrated through gifts (as is done on other occasions).

Elaborating on the thought behind this unique campaign, Gauri Malhotra, chief marketing office, Bombay Shaving Company said, “Over the past five years, our Father's Day campaigns have consistently aimed to make a difference, but we've noticed they haven't really changed how people think or act. This year, with our 'Sorry Dad, This Year Too, You Won't Get a Gift' campaign, we want to draw attention to how often dads are underappreciated when it comes to gift-giving. By using humor and a call to action, we hope to start conversations and encourage our consumers to celebrate fathers just as enthusiastically as other special occasions. Dads deserve just as much love and recognition as anyone else."

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