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Bombay Shaving Company wants to cut back on the alcohol in the aftershave

It highlights the burn one faces with alcohol-based aftershave and its detrimental effects on the face over time.

My first tryst with an aftershave was visual, not literal. Kevin McCallister in the first Home Alone series nonchalantly slaps the liquid to his face and cries out in horror; little did the kid know it burns because of the alcohol inside it.

Bombay Shaving Company wants to cut back on the alcohol in the aftershave

The model in Bombay Shaving Company’s new ad feels the same burn because of the alcohol while the second ad focuses on the emotional fallout of an irritating and painful after shave experience. Both videos are held together by an interesting firewoman character who symbolically rescues the protagonist from burns of both - physical and emotional kinds.

"It's a mystery to me why established personal care and grooming brands haven't yet addressed this pressing concern in the men's shaving routine. The current options they have in aftershaves are not the best. And the post-shave irritation and burning is a definite mood kill. With this product, complimented by the film and campaign suitably titled ‘#JalnaManaHai’; we hope to induce a behaviour change in men. We wish to shake them out of their comfort zone, wake them from their slumber, and demand a better aftershave experience - which our Post Shave Balm provides", said Laalit Lobo, VP Marketing, Bombay Shaving Company

"Since 2021, we have been driving a strong product innovation agenda at BSC. The Post Shave Balm is a meaningful outcome of these efforts, and reinforces our position as 'Hair Removal and Hair Management Experts'. In light of this; we will be making significant investments online and offline in the ‘#JalnaManaHai’ campaign, which is also our first real integrated product marketing effort - in the traditional FMCG sense", said Deepak Gupta, COO, Bombay Shaving Company.

Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO, Bombay Shaving Company, shares, "Our vision is clear. We want to be in 2 crore bathrooms with 5 products, creating 10 minutes of delight every day. The Post Shave Balm scores on each count - relevance, value and delight. We are confident it is one of those products that will help men across India put their 'Best Look Forward' every day."

The ads were conceived in house at Bombay Shaving Company and written by Garima Girotra and were made by Mumbai based production house, Leap of Faith Productions with Director, Mohak Pajni and Creative Producer, Adhiraj Sharma at the helm.

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