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Bombay Shaving Company's ‘Do the SENSI Thing’ campaign champions higher voter turnout

The brand is promoting voting through distinctive messages to evoke a sense of responsibility and urgency.

Bombay Shaving Company, known for its hair removal products and marketing campaigns, has taken the initiative to encourage greater voter turnout in the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections through its latest 'Do the SENSI Thing' campaign.

This initiative aims to highlight the pressing issue of low voter turnout, particularly amongst the youth, in a fresh and honest way. With a focus on Mumbai and Delhi, the campaign urges audiences to prioritise the nation by avoiding “trivial or NONSENSI” excuses that prevent them from exercising their right to vote.

With messages like "Turning your back to the nation is NONSENSI. Showing the finger is SENSI." the brand hopes do its part to instill an urgency to vote this time.

Unlike other topical campaigns on voting, Bombay Shaving Company is making a sustained effort to drive the message across all its social and owned platforms and has invested in media as well over a period 7-10 days as the cities of Mumbai and Delhi go into vote.

The visual cues, content and messages that have been crafted to speak to the reluctant young voter, reminding them of the importance of every vote - has been appreciated going by the reactions online.

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