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Bombay Sweet Shop and Prime Video unveil 'Mirzapur Ki Barfi', a sweet treat inspired by 'Mirzapur' series

The ad campaign, featuring actors of 'Mirzapur' series, also reveals that the trailer for season 3 will launch on June 20.

The world of Mirzapur, a crime-thriller has taken audiences in India and beyond with its riveting saga of power, revenge, ambition, politics, betrayal, deceit, and intricate family dynamics and a plot thick with suspense. In this gripping setting, even the simple Barfi becomes a symbol of intrigue. This June, Bombay Sweet Shop brings that excitement into the realm of magical mithai with Mirzapur Ki Barfi - 54.5% Dark Chocolate Kaju Katli, a unique treat where chocolate meets mithai.

This innovative sweet reimagines the classic Kaju Katli layered with 54.5% dark chocolate ganache and a generous dusting of Dutch cocoa powder. Available from June 18, 2024, everyone can order it online at for delivery across India.

Mirzapur Ki Barfi - Indie Bites draws inspiration from the vibrant and dramatic world of the Mirzapur series, where barfi isn’t just a sweet but adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the storyline. These Indie Bites are as exciting as the new season of Mirzapur on Amazon Prime. From Guddu to Kaleen Bhaiya, no one can resist this decadent treat.

The ‘Indie’ line showcases Bombay Sweet Shop’s dedication to creativity and innovation. Each piece of Dark Chocolate Kaju Katli is crafted with care, offering a perfect blend of creamy cashew and rich, intense dark chocolate. Reimagining classic Indian sweets for today’s generation, the Mirzapur Ki Barfi” - Indie Bites goes beyond being just a sweet treat.

Bombay Sweet Shop is a celebratory offering that reimagines Indian sweets and mithai, is 100% vegetarian, preservative-free, hand-made, and packaged hygienically and aesthetically.

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