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Brands join in 75th Independence Day celebrations

Tata Tea, JSW Paints, HDFC MF, Godrej, CashKaro, Rage Coffee, among others, roll out campaigns to celebrate the spirit of freedom.

It is that time of the year again when brands across categories roll out campaigns on the theme of patriotism. Almost every brand wants to create awareness about the need to be free from stereotypes and biases, especially those that are impacting the very social fabric of India.

Commemorating the 75th Independence Day, brands like Tata Tea, JSW Paints, HDFC Mutual Fund, Godrej, CashKaro, Rage Coffee, etc., have incorporated multiple interesting themes in their respective campaigns.

Here’s a look at a few Independence Day campaigns 2022:

Tata Tea Premium’s #DeshKaGarv campaign

Tata Tea Premium has launched a campaign, titled #DeshKaGarv. In line with the brand’s ethos of evoking national pride, the campaign spans a seven-decade journey, capturing iconic moments that not only created history during their time, but also propelled India to the world stage. The brand has also launched a limited edition art-infused tea set and tin pack collection, called #DeshKaGarv, as a part of the campaign.

The tea set collection has been curated in association with the Plated Project, a unique impact brand that strives to fight hunger crisis through art. Only 50 sets have being produced, making the collection one-of-a-kind.

Tata Tea Premium has also launched a TV campaign. Marrying storytelling with technology, the film created by Media Monks, juxtaposes the past with the present to showcase the respective journeys of these pride moments and events in a frame.

Godrej’s #SoundsOfMakingIndia campaign

Godrej Group has released #SoundsOfMakingIndia, the sequel to its 2019 Independence Day campaign. It captures all the industrial sounds that signify progress in the manufacturing ecosystem.

#SoundsOfMakingIndia narrates the story of the Godrej Group’s journey that is an integral part of India’s progress. The film integrates different businesses of one of India’s most iconic brands and gives consumers an opportunity to listen to the numerous sounds, or the heartbeats of progress that truly make India.

This video will be amplified by digital content creators, who will spread the message. Media partners will put it up on their respective platforms. Business partners will amplify it on their social media assets.

JSW Paints’ take on beauty

JSW Paints’ ad, titled Thoughtful is Beautiful, puts forth interesting takes on what beautiful truly means. The ad highlights that real beauty is in our thoughts. And, it shows in the way a person, a home, a community and a nation behave.

Created by TBWA\India, the film takes Think Beautiful out of the four walls of a home and into neighbourhoods. The power that beautiful thoughts have to make our nation beautiful - playing off a relatable event, the film finds an ingenious twist.

HDFC Mutual Fund’s 14-feet barni installation

Last year, on August 15, HDFC Mutual Fund embarked on a mission called #BarniSeAzadi, a mega investor education campaign that aims to empower and celebrate the hands that rock the cradle.

The campaign is based on the insight that Indians have always saved money in traditional instruments like barnis, lockers, fixed deposits, etc. With women at its focus, HDFC MF talks about why there is a need to let the money grow freely in instruments like mutual funds.

This year, HDFC MF has planned a guerilla maketing campaign. A 14-feet-tall barni will be installed at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai, with smaller bills placed inside for women to sign on them and take a pledge to not store their money in barnis, but invest in mutual funds.

NIC Honestly Natural Ice-cream finds out the gift of Independence

NIC Honestly Natural Ice-cream ad starts with a question from a young boy to his father: while in other celebrations one receives gifts, shouldn’t one also receive gifts on Independence Day? The father replies that we get the gift of ‘hope’ on Independence Day. The discussion about hope continues, ending with the son hoping if he can get another ice cream.

Ending with the hashtags #hope, #pride and #honesty, the ad attempts to reconnect deeper emotions of the younger generations with Independence Day.

CashKaro cautions about bargaining with small shops

Cashback and coupons platform CashKaro wanted to do something that Indians could relate to on the occasion of Independence Day. What’s more relatable than bargaining?

Keeping this thought in mind, CashKaro has released a film, called ‘Bachat Ki Azaadi’. This film talks about this inherent behaviour of bargaining at local shops - from sabzi waalas to househelps. But there’s another side to the coin, the Rs 10-20 people try to save means much more to these small vendors.

Rage Coffee unites Indians with love for coffee

Delhi-based Rage Coffee has launched a digital campaign, titled ‘India Drinks Rage Coffee’. It captures the raw spirit of the Ragers - the brand’s community - through Instagram Reels and videos, exhibiting their zeal and passion for Rage Coffee products.

The videos will be shown on Rage Coffee’s official Instagram page, from August 13-16. Rage Coffee’s offline retail outlets across multiple states, will also be highlighted, as a part of the campaign.

The campaign reflects the true power of India’s common man and exhibits the virtues of unity in diversity. It attempts to relate to all Indians, since it features many faces from different parts of the country unified by their passion for coffee.

This campaign features Ragers from several states, including Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Kerala, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland.

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