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Brands score a goal with their FIFA World Cup ads

The ongoing tournament has seen great interest from global brands, be it for advertising or creating ad narratives.

The ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that takes place once in every four years, has attracted many global brands. Be it for advertising or creating ad narratives, the tournament helps brands to engage with passionate football fans across the globe.

While cricket is still the most popular sport in India, FIFA, the Switzerland-based international governing football body, has successfully provided consistent engagement levels within a relatively niche audience in the country.

This year, a slew of global and Indian brands can be seen riding on the FIFA brandwagon.

Here are a few of them that stood out: 

Budweiser India

It collaborated with four celebrities for its FIFA World Cup campaign. Siddhant Chaturvedi, Masaba Gupta, Santanu Hazarika and Kiss Nuka came together to celebrate the shared passion and spirit of Budweiser, and football, with a war cry that unites people across borders – 'The World Is Yours To Take'

Sharing their journey to the top, like never before, these four celebs dived into their trials, tribulations, triumphs and immense anticipation experienced before any big moment – just like a footballer does as he makes his way from the tunnel to the field.


It took on the role of a regional sponsor for the national teams of Argentina and Portugal. With this association, the leading Gujarat-based dairy brand has access to FIFA's complete match archives and will be able to use the footballers' images on its products, as well as creatives, till the end of 2023.

Cadbury 5 Star

The chocolate brand from Mondelez India, is back with the second installment of its '5 Stars Everywhere!' campaign. 

It changed its logo to just five stars in green colour on its packaging. Anyone watching the FIFA World Cup can see the brand’s logo on the Brazilian team's jersey. The jersey carries five stars above the country’s crest to celebrate its five World Cup wins. 


In the run-up to the FIFA World Cup, Nike released a campaign, titled ‘Footballverse’. In the spot, viewers see a snowy mountain in Switzerland, where a team of scientists believes it has cracked the code and created a world where football legends, past and present, can compete against one another.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy, the ad features Nike athletes, including Alex Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Ronaldinho and Sam Kerr.


The Adidas campaign celebrate Argentina's Lionel Messi's World Cup legacy. The clip shows him playing against the four previous versions of himself, which is a nod to his four World Cup appearances. The diminutive Argentine is playing in his fifth, and most likely last, World Cup for Argentina, which signals an end of an era.


The Bengaluru-based edtech company launched a patriotic film, titled ‘Someday’. The company, which is one of the title sponsors for the FIFA World Cup, showcased the aspirations and desires of billions of Indians to see their national team in the tournament in future.

Conceptualised and created by BYJU'S in-house creative team, the film highlights how with the right support and encouragement, India too can, and will, shine bright on the global football stage.


Its ad shows that everyone around the world is asking the same question – but in different languages. Whether it is pleading children, bus riders, A-list celebs, or both happy and sad football fans, the question is the same: 'Wanna go to McDonald’s?'.

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